FAQ On Swiss Healthcare

What makes the medical treatment in Switzerland so outstanding?

Switzerland is known worldwide for its medical facilities and professionalism, cutting edge technology and well-trained medical staff. But what else makes our healthcare system unique?

Switzerland is unmatched in Europe in its healthcare spending per capita, totaling CHF 58 Billion (approx. US$ 45 Billion). This alone does not guarantee outstanding medical treatment, but it does help. Switzerland benefits from a tightly knit network of hospitals, with five cities hosting an academic hospital (Zurich, Geneva, Lausanne, Bern and Basel). Obviously not every hospital can be leading in each discipline, but within an hour’s drive there will be one that is – and SWIXMED can tell you which one. Another unique feature is the mix of public and private hospitals which complement each other to provide the highest possible level of care. In very complex clinical settings a private hospital is not always the best choice. Knowing the boundaries is crucial in any medical treatment, a rule often ignored by foreign private clinics. Sometimes a public or academic hospital may provide the most appropriate treatment, and in Switzerland, the high standard of our public hospitals exceeds that offered by most foreign private clinics.

FAQ On Medical Services

When is my reservation confirmed?

To confirm your appointments, we require prepayment in full for the estimated costs of your medical treatment. This deposit is payable to SWIXMED, and we then liaise with the other parties to confirm your treatment.

What happens after I submit my application for medical treatment?

We will contact the medical specialists and hospitals or rehabilitation facilities which are best equipped to care for your condition. We will then provide you with one or more treatment plans and detailed cost estimates.

How do I apply for medical treatment in Switzerland?

To apply for medical treatment, please fill out our online application and complete as much as you can. Alternatively you can download a pdf application form and send it to us by mail, fax or e-mail. We will contact you without delay.

We will ask you to provide written medical documents or a discharge summary from your home country, including a diagnosis if already made. If these documents are not available to you, please describe your medical condition including current medicine intake. On your request we will contact your family physician or the doctors involved in your treatment to coordinate the transfer of your medical history.

How long does it take to arrange medical treatment?

It usually takes us one to two working days to issue a treatment plan and cost estimate. In very complex cases this process may take slightly longer.

When you receive the treatment plan and cost estimate you can take your time to consider your options. As waiting lists are rare in Switzerland, you can start your hospital treatment as soon as you wish.

How does SWIXMED identify the appropriate treatment for my condition?

Each medical condition is highly individual and is dependent on a variety of factors such as age, gender, profession, culture, previous illnesses, personal fears and hopes.

Our company philosophy is to treat each case individually. We do not offer pre-packaged medical services. As soon as we receive your application form we will contact you to assess how we best can help you. With this information we approach one or more healthcare providers to seek their opinions on possible treatment and provide cost estimates. In some cases this will involve multiple disciplines and different healthcare providers.

What kind of medical treatments does SWIXMED offer?

SWIXMED can arrange all medical treatments which have been validated through Evidence Based Medicine. Evidence Based Medicine is the world standard for the evaluation of the efficacy of treatments, based on rigorous scientific study.

In addition, when arranging any treatment, SWIXMED and the Swiss healthcare system are bound by the relevant ethical and legal guidelines.


Can SWIXMED assist with visa applications?

Should there be any problems in obtaining a visa for your medical treatment, please let us know and we will do our best to assist. SWIXMED is known by Swiss Consulates around the globe. Anyhow it is your responsibility to ensure that you have the appropriate travel documents before traveling to Switzerland.

Is SWIXMED linked to a hospital group?

No. SWIXMED is an independent company that does not work exclusively with any hospital or hospital group. We are contractually and morally obliged only to you, our client. SWIXMED arranges medical services in all Swiss hospitals, private and public.

Our aim is to deliver the best solution for your needs. And we know that it is only through your satisfaction that our reputation is continued.

Who will arrange my treatment and assist me during my stay?

SWIXMED has four departments – Administration, Business Development, Consulting and most importantly Guest Relations. The Guest Relations department is the heart of SWIXMED, organizing all medical treatments and being there for our clients before, throughout and after their stay. Most staff in our Guest Relations department originate from the medical field (medical doctors, special trained nurses), bringing consolidated, in-depth knowledge to the team.

Please fill out our online application Form.

FAQ On Costs & Billing

What if I need unforeseen medical treatment or if complications arise?

For many medical services, such as diagnoses, second opinions and medical check-ups, it is unlikely that treatments and costs will go beyond the original treatment plan an cost estimate. However, for complex medical treatments, the cost estimate may be exceeded due to the requirement for additional investigation and treatment. The final costs may also be higher if any complications occur. When performing high-risk treatments, the hospital may ask for a deposit for complications. We will advise you if this is the case.

How do I keep track of my expenses?

During your stay SWIXMED monitors your costs and bills from the various service providers. 

When the treatment is concluded SWIXMED will provide you with a final, detailed balance over all medical and non-medical services rendered. Copies of all original invoices from the various service providers will be handed over to you.

Do I pay SWIXMED or the hospital?

Before your treatment, we will ask you to pay a deposit for the full cost estimate. You pay this deposit to SWIXMED, and we then liaise with the other parties to confirm your treatment.

Do I have to pay for SWIXMED services?

There is no charge to apply for medical treatment nor for the cost estimate which we provide in response to your submission of the application form.

There is a SWIXMED Service Fee covering standard medical and administrative support. This fee is listed separately in the cost estimate and is due upon your reservation of the medical treatment.

During your stay you may also choose to take advantage of additional SWIXMED services on request, such as a personal support person or interpreter. Fees for any additional services are listed in the SWIXMED Schedule of Services and Fees which we will include with your cost estimate.