Healthcare In Switzerland

Switzerland’s First-Class Healthcare System

Switzerland has an exceptionally high density of clinics and rehabilitation centers. As a country it is well known for its pioneering medical achievements and excellent treatment outcomes. For example, the pacemaker was invented in Switzerland and the cervical cancer vaccination was developed here. Swiss hospitals make use of leading-edge treatments and technologies and are furnished with the latest medical equipment.

World-Renowned Medical Specialists

Swiss physicians enjoy an excellent international reputation and lead the world in the research and development of new treatment methods. Continuous improvement is at the core of their work and quality is their guiding principle. Swiss physicians engage in direct dialogue with their patients and ensure that each patient is fully informed and involved in all decisions.

Excellent Nursing Staff

The quality of nursing training in Switzerland is outstanding, and patients profit from the superb standard of round-the-clock personal care. The nursing team’s core focus is on the individual and his or her wellbeing.

Medical Treatment In Switzerland

When traveling to Switzerland for medical treatment, you cannot fail to be impressed by the strong positive influence of traditional Swiss values: Precision, reliability, punctuality, kindness, cleanliness and discretion. You can relax here, knowing you are in the best hands. In addition, Switzerland is neutral and politically stable, and has excellent infrastructure for travel and tourism.

International Patients In Switzerland

Switzerland has a long history of medical tourism, dating back to the Romans when wealthy travelers came to "take the waters". In the early days, these healing mineral waters were thought to offer cures for all kinds of diseases. At the beginning of the twentieth century, patients from all over the world came to Switzerland for treatment in the Alpine clinics. The famous German author Thomas Mann incorporated his experience of this in his novel “The Magic Mountain”. Today, patients from around the world travel to Switzerland to profit from the incomparable quality and range of the medical clinics.